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Healing for Chronic and Mystery Illness and Symptoms

I am a big fan of Anthony William, author of Medical Medium, Life-Changing Foods and Thyroid Healing. As a natural health practitioner and researcher, I see his works as the greatest contribution to natural health in the last decade and I’m privileged to be able to integrate this knowledge into sessions with my clients and see the positive results.

Through the Medical Medium information we have a much better understanding of what is at the heart of chronic, mystery, ‘autoimmune’ illnesses, and how to heal. Rather than the immune system attacking itself, as conventional medicine tells us, we now understand that it is in fact viral infections which are at the heart of many illnesses. We also understand that accumulated toxicity from chemicals, metals and radiation in our environment feeds those viruses and can be passed down through families. Most importantly we now understand the most effective ways to heal.

The information is slow to be grasped in the UK but I know there are thousands of people out there putting his work into practice diligently in their homes and daily lives and finding incredible results. 

If you are following his protocols, I can use kinesiology muscle testing to help you to work out exactly what supplements, dosages and herbs you need to take. I can test you for toxicity, metals, pesticides, chemicals, and viruses and bacteria.  Over time we can monitor how the protocol is helping you and what we need to do to ensure a consistent and gentle detoxification.

I will share tips, advice and recipes to make it easier for you to integrate the approach into your lifestyle. 

UK and EU supplements for the Medical Medium Protocol 

Some of the supplements Anthony recommends can be difficult to obtain in the UK and Europe. 

If you are a client of mine I will have worked with you to identify exactly which brand and dose of supplements to take. You can then go ahead and purchase them by following the links below. 

  • Best quality and value I’ve found are Doctor’s Best 600 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid 60 Capsules which give a far higher concentration and at lasts 2 months if taking one a day as I do. These tested well with kinesiology.

  • Helps the thyroid, endocrine and adrenals. Nature`s Answer Ashwagandha Root on Bodykind or on Amazon, whichever is cheapest at the time.

    You can also buy it ground up as a powder and sprinkle it onto your food.

  • Epigenetics Vitamin B12 (Adenosyl/Methyl) 100ml

    40 drops (approx 3 dropperfuls) of this product is equivalent to the Vegansafe version recommended by Anthony. This version is a 50:50 mix of each form. Epigenetics sell a few different forms so make sure you ask for this one.

    The Metabolics version is derived from Corn so just to be safe I am not suggesting that as an option any more.

    When ordering you will need to give the name of the practitioner who referred you so give mine – Candice Luper

  • Wild Blueberries are notoriously difficult to get hold of in the UK and are a key ingredient for healing.

    There is one supplier who has recently entered the UK market which you can buy here. Its a little on the pricy side but right now we don’t have too many options to obtain the lowbush Vaccinium Angustifolium variety that only grows in North America anywhere else. this is the species which Anthony recommends as part of the healing protocol.  

    You can also try the powder: Finnberry 100% natural dried bilberry (wild blueberry) or Loov Organic Wild Freeze-Dried Blueberry Powder (90g)

  • Barley Grass Juice extract chelates heavy metals from the body.

    Make sure you buy the JUICE powder which is much more concentrated than than just plain barley grass as this is far more concentrated.

    Best value and quality I have found is Organic Raw Barley Grass JUICE Powder – Premium Organic 100g 

  • Nature`s Answer Burdock Root on Bodykind or on Amazon, whichever is cheaper. 

    You can also buy burdock root and boil it up yourself as tea. It ideally needs to be boiled to draw out its medicinal qualities.

  • Ester-C repairs damaged neurotransmitters and supports adrenal glands, and helps cleanse the liver and remove toxicity.

    Viridian Ester-C 950mg – 120 Veg Capsules – is good value, clean, and easy to swallow considering each tablet is nearly 1 gram, and has a vegetarian capsule. Its much better value to buy this larger bottle than the smaller ones especially if you are taking a few a day.

    Compare prices from Amazon and Bodykind

  • High dosage vitamin C. 

    There is currently no sunflower-derived version alternative to the one Anthony recommends.

    Lipo Naturals – High Potency Liposomal Vitamin C (15oz) (the recommended one) is available on Amazon at a hiked up price. Be aware that this is only a 2 week supply which is about £4 per days dose!  Best thing to do is ask friends to bring some over for you when they are there.

  • The mother of herbs. This reduces EBV and co-factors such as Strep.

    Anthony recommends Natures Answer Cat’s Claw Inner Bark (60ml Alcohol Free).

    You can also buy it as a herb and drink it as tea.

  • Chaga is easy to drink as a tea, I use the dried herb here Chaga Mushroom – 100g (Estonian Wild crafted) and just put a spoon into these  empty teabags.

    You can also just buy Chaga teabags here from Bodykind though this is a more expensive option.

  • I have used both Innopure Co-Enzyme Q10 Natural Source 90 Caps 100mg and Doctor’s Best High Absorption CoQ10 (100 mg). These are relatively cheap supplements, but both tested positively with Kinesiology and have a vegetarian capsule.

  • An excellent liver cleanser. Buy dried from Pestle herbs  or as a non-alcoholic liquid extract from Natures Answer. Sometimes Bodykind so check here also. 

  • Dulse binds to metals to remove them from the system and makes up part of the heavy metal protocol. Ideally you want to be using dulse (and other products) from the Atlantic not the Pacific due to pollution levels.

    Some people just add dulse flakes or strips to their food but the taste can be quite strong. You can even fry the strips for a bacon like effect though I’m not sure how healthy that is.

    If you prefer to not savour the flavour (!) you can instead buy Anthony’s recommended dulse tablets – Bernard Jensen – Nova Scotia Dulse 100 tablets – 1 tbs per day. 

  • I like Metabolics Folic Acid liquid (as 5 MTF). I prefer taking liquid supplements as it’s less to swallow. I take around 2 dropper fulls twice per day. If you are a client of mine we will have established the dose you need to take. Mention my name when ordering to receive a 10% discount. If you order online you also receive free postage.

    As this is a practitioner supplement company you will need to mention I referred you (Candice Luper). Vat is added.

  • Iodine supports the endocrine, thryoid, immune system and adrenals; plus kills viruses. Anthony recommends only taking its natural edible form (e.g. algaes) or as nascent iodine).

    Survival Shield X2 – Nascent Iodine 30ml is Anthony’s recommended product. Start with just 1 drop a day and work up very slowly.

    If you are a client of mine we will have established the dose you need to take.

  • Antiviral and antibacterial. There aren’t too many alcohol free extracts available in the UK. You can either buy the US version here and pay the postage Botanic Choice Alchohol free liquid extract – USA or simply drink it as a soothing bedtime tea.

    Why not grow it in your garden and have a plentiful year round supply?

  • Lowers EBV production, kills EBV in the thyroid and strengthens adrenals and kidneys.

    Anthony recommends Nature’s Answer Licorice Root – cheapest at Bodykind.

    You can also buy it as a dry herb and put it in your tea. If you live near London you can pick up huge bags in China Town extremely cheaply. See if your local chinese superstore sells it.

  • Antiviral and anti-inflammatory to the nervous system. 

    Solgar L-Lysine 1000 Mg: 250 Tablets is a large tablet which means fewer to take. Many of the smaller capsules are made from gelatin which we want to avoid.

  • Magnesium Threonate – Life Extension Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate (90 Veg Caps). This is the Anthony Williams recommended form and brand.

    Magnesium (Citrate) – Natural Calm – Superior Magnesium Powder, 8 oz. This makes a nice bedtime drink. Although it has citric acid, don’t worry as Anthony recommends it so its not enough for him to be bothered with.

  • Antiviral, helps to break down EBV and cofactors. 

    Anthony’s recommended is Lauricidin 227g – 1 scoop per day

  • Cleanses the liver, lymph and spleen from EBV toxins.

    Take as an alcohol free extract Nature`s Answer Red Clover Flowering Tops – 30ml, or as a tea with these teabags.

    In summer you can go and pick them from around fields but make sure they are organic, or unsprayed fields.

  • Antiviral that removes heavy metals and lowers viral load.

    Anthony recommends Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus, 90 Capsules. I haven’t found another cheaper high quality alternative. 

  • Strengthens and protects the nervous system which can be affected by viral infections. Stimulates production of thyroid hormone T4.

    Metabolics Ionic Selenium 250ml provides the same form as recommended by Anthony (Selenium Selenate) with just water. This is sold in large plastic bottles but they will give you a glass dropper bottle to decant it into for free. Three full droppers provides the same concentration as two droppers full of the Eidon version. This is amazing value as it is but you can save money buy buying the larger bottle Metabolics Ionic Selenium 500ml.

    Mention my name when ordering to receive a 10% discount. If you order online you also receive free postage.

    Don’t forget VAT is also added at checkout. 

  • Sovereign Silver, 8 oz. dropper top – Hydrosol is better than Colloidal Silver as it doesn’t build up in the body. This is the brand recommended by Anthony, there isn’t a better one. It works out cheaper to buy the biggest bottle you can afford. 

  • Important part of removing heavy metals and for the nervous system. Anthony’s recommended spirulina is not bad value on Amazon. I find the tablets (6 per day) easier to swallow Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina Tablets 500mg 400 Tablets at Amazon or the same tablets at Bodykind. Some may prefer to mix 1 tbs of the powder version to mix into smoothies but beware it has a really vile taste: Nutrex Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica 454g Powder at Amazon or the same powder at Bodykind. Check to see which is cheaper at the time.

  • Zinc is an absolutely essential part of the protocol for strengthening the immune system and protecting the thyroid from damage by EBV. Anthony recommends Eidon Ionic Minerals Zinc Concentrate but this costs a small fortune if you live in UK/EU and barely lasts a month. Don’t try to save money by buying the non concentrated version as you’d have to take 30 droppers to get the same dose as 1 dropper of the concentrated, so in the end its no cheaper.

    Epigenetics Zinc Sulphate Liquid is an amazing alternative at a fraction of the cost and contains nothing but Zinc Sulphate and distilled water. 10 drops provides the same amount as 2 droppers full of the Eidon Zinc so these bottles last ages. You can also save even more money buy buying a larger quantity at once – Epigenetics Zinc Sulphate Liquid 300ml at once.

    You’ll need to select the practitioner who referred you so please give my name Candice Luper. Don’t forget that VAT and postage is additional

Supplement Ordering

If you are a client you may have been recommended a range of supplements during our kinesiology sessions. Below is a list of the supplement companies I typically use with details on how to order and any discounts I am able to make available.

Click on each title to expand the box. If you prefer I can order them for you. 

Heavy Metal Detoxification Protocol

If you are a client of mine and have been recommended the heavy metal detox protocol, I have provided links to purchase the 5 main ingredients below. You will need to take these ideally together, or at the very least within 12 hours of each other. Some people put everything together into a smoothie with bananas and oranges. Play around with it until you find the most palatable way to consume them.

To enhance the effect even more, you can also add fresh  parsley to your food and drink Plantain and/or Burdock Root teas.

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